The revision of texts could have different meanings, but we take a closer look at two of those:
  1. revision of translations;
  2. revision of commercial or official texts.
In the first case the translated text is revised and in our company this is included in the price for the translation. Revision of translations is almost a necessity, since, for instance, manuals full of all kinds of translation mistakes as well as clerical errors don’t seem very trustworthy. In the second case the texts in their original languages are revised, referring to the Estonian language in particular. Such commercial and official texts include, among others:
  1. internal rules, guidelines or other documents of an organisation (company, public authority or other body);
  2. advertising texts;
  3. all kinds of manuals.
The need for the revision of commercial and official texts is obvious, as, for example, an advertisement presented in good and correct Estonian is likely to be more effective than a publication containing clerical, logical or other errors.
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